Professional Pneus joins Point S Italy

26 7 月 2018

Professional Pneus, the historic independent tyre dealer network, implemented in the South of Italy, announces its membership to Point S Italy with the ambition to strengthen its market position with the Point S banner and retail program.

In the current consolidation phase the Italian market is facing, Professional Pneus is looking to align its regional presence with the National and International dimension Point S is representing, supporting at the same time the independency and entrepreneurship spirit of its members Point S is sharing and promoting in Italy and worldwide.

From the 1st of July 2018 Professional Pneus joins Point S: “Our membership to Point S is representing an opportunity for all our members to strengthen their service offer towards our end customers by optimizing at the same time their competitiveness in the market. Since the foundation of our network, 24 years ago, we have been able to develop our professionalism and increase our service standards to meet the expectations of our customers. Nevertheless, in a fast changing market it was necessary to anticipate the future market challenges.

With Point S we share the same business and human values, the same ambitions of growth, maintaining at the same time our focus on specific local issues but with the support of an international vision and strategy”, underlines Antonio Vitale, president and founder of Professional Pneus.

For Guy-Olivier Ducamp (West Europe Director of Point S) it was essential to increase the geographic coverage of Point S in Italy to sup-port the return on National marketing, digital campaigns and programs we are developing. The adhesion of Professional Pneus allows Point S to become the leader in the tyre retail distribution in Italy with 535 points of sale. We are proud to welcome the group created by Antonio Vitale 24 years ago.

About Point S

With more than 4100 points of sale in 34 countries, Point S is the largest network of independent tire and auto mechanic service retailers in the world. Point S is also experiencing the highest rate of growth in its sector.

Point S Italy count now 535 points of sale under its banner, it is the largest retail network in the country.

About Professional Pneus

Professional Pneus is an historic independent network of tyre specialists, with 50 locations, implemented in Southern Italy since 1994.

Point S Press Contact for international:
Muriel Clarke, International Brand Manager, POINT S GROUP Alianco +33 634 210 273