Point S launches its new Winterstar4 tyre

9 10 月 2018

Point S launches its new generation of winter tires : WINTERSTAR 4

Point S announces the launch of a new version of its private label winter tire. Ms Emilie Faure, Private Label Product Manager at Point S Development, comments: « We were very satisfied with the performances of the Winterstar 3 but could still take advantage of some technical opportunities offered by our current manufacturer. The tests conducted on the new Winterstar 4 show that expected improvements are achieved.”

As the already existing and very complete Point S branded tires range (including Summerstar, Winterstar ST and Point S 4 Seasons) this range is designed and produced in Europe by one of the major global manufacturers, with the latest technologies. This fourth generation of standard European winter tire has an aggressive directional pattern ensuring an excellent safety level. Winterstar 4 also demonstrates that it is a good value for money tire.


Mr. Fabien Bouquet, CEO Point S Development, underlines: “Our private label range of tires is constantly evolving to meet the latest evolutions of the European car park and to maintain the attractiveness of the best value for money it offers to our end customers. It is so developed and manufactured in Europe to reach these expectations”.

The Winterstar 4 range covers 39 dimensions in total, dedicated to passenger cars as well as SUV. In order to fit the current market needs, this range covers up to 17 inches.

A version dedicated to van, the Winterstar 4 Van, is also available. With a non-directional pattern, this tire answers to utility vehicle’s needs and covers 13 dimensions.


This new products’ launch is part of the renewal program of the Point S branded tire range. It follows the market introduction of the new Summerstar 3+ that took place early this year.

To support this, a new European campaign has been introduced this year with the personified tires: the SummerHero and the WinterHero.

As for Summerstar 3+, Point S 4 Seasons and Winterstar ST, Winterstar 4 tires are exclusively distributed through the Point S network.

About Point S

Registered and headquartered in France since 1971, Point S is the leading independent tire and automotive service retailing group. The group now operations in 34 countries, with over 4,100 retailing points of sale.

Point S register over 2000 independent entrepreneurs, selling more than 17 million tires of various categories from passenger, light truck, 4×4, SUVs, truck and bus, industrial and agricultural tires.

Point S range of Point S Summerstar, Winterstar, Winterstar ST and Point S 4 Seasons passenger, as well as light truck, and SUV tires are produced by a leading European manufacturer for sale exclusively within the Point S Group.

Point S also retails a full range of automotive products and accessories from battery, wipers, brake and brake pads, which are produced by leading manufacturers in the respective industry.

Point S Press Contact for international:
Muriel Clarke, International Brand Manager, POINT S GROUP Alianco
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