Point S signs on Philippines market

20 marzo 2018
Mr. Fabien Bouquet (Chief Executive Officer, Point S Development), and Mr. Dunkirk Cabalza (Chief Operations Officer, MPI) signed on the dotted line, at the signing ceremony witnessed by Adrian Smiechowski (Business Development Director, Point S Development), Ler Hwee Tiong (Chief representative, Point S Asia), and Mr. Johann S. Lim (Representing Mr. Joseph Teh Lim).

Point S signs master franchise agreement for Philippines.

Leading Independent tyre retailing group Point S signs on Philippines market in global push.

Manila, Philippines

Point S continues its push to be the first truly global tyre company by signing on the Philippines market. Philippines, is an archipelagic country in South East Asia situated in the western Pacific Ocean with 7,641 islands.

This significant step of having Philippines come on board as the next country following India and Malaysia, will significantly increase Point S’s footprint in the Asian, and global tyre landscape. Philippines with Point S, will also now have a tyre-focused retailing franchise in the market to deliver consistent quality service and image.

(L to R- Mr. Ler Hwee Tiong (Point S Asia Chief Representative), Mr. Johann Lim (MPI), Mr Dunkirk Cabalza (COO, MPI), Mr. Fabien Bouquet (CEO, Point S Development), Mr. Adrian Smiechowski (Business Development Director, Point S Development)

“We came to Asia, with little expectations but huge ambition, and this day marks yet another milestone for the Point S group, signing on Philippines as the next market to represent Point S, and be a new member of our Point S family- which is truly how we see ourselves, a big and enterprising family with a united goal to position ourselves as the independent global tyre company”, says a jubilant Fabien Bouquet.

“MPI is already a significant player in the tyre distribution market, but a strong Point S retail brand means deeper penetration into the Philippines market, and at the same time engages the consumer market”, says Mr. Joseph Teh Lim (President, MPI).

Dunkirk Cabalza added, “I was fortunate to attend the Point S France members’ conference in Tel Aviv in January and appreciates how Point S became such a significant player- the sense of camaraderie and purpose really attracted me”.

About Point S

Registered and headquartered in France since 1971, Point S is the leading independent tyre and automotive service retailing group. The group now operations in 34 countries, with over 3,700 retailing points of sale.

Point S in 2017 registered consolidated revenue of more than 3 billion euros, selling more than 17 million tyres of various categories from passenger, light truck, 4×4, SUVs, truck and bus, industrial and agricultural tyres.

Point S range of Point S Summerstar and Winterstar passenger, light truck, and SUV tyres are produced by a leading European manufacturer for sale exclusively within the Point S Group.

Point S also retails a full range of automotive products and accessories from battery, wipers, brake and brake pads, which are produced by leading manufacturers in the respective industry.

About Motozentrum Philippines Incorporated (MPI):

MPI is a company specialising in the distribution of tyres in the Philippines market, with warehousing and logistics hub in Manila, Cebu, and Mindanao.

MPI undertakes the distribution of Achilles brand passenger tyres, Ornet brand truck and bus tyres, and have various other brands within their portfolio.

Point S Press Contact for international:
Muriel Clarke, International Brand Manager, POINT S GROUP Alianco
muriel.clarke@alianco.ch +33 634 210 273