Brand statements

We believe that working towards the same goals and sharing the same values is the only way to ensure our continued growth and success.

But to do this, we need to be clear what these are so we have created our brand promises that all members adhere to a corporate level.

Brand promise

“The right solution for every driver”
Our promise to our customers is that by using our independence from the automotive industry, we can provide a multi-branded offer and furnish a multitude of solutions for any specific car or tyre maintenance issue. We further promise that, after careful analysis of the particular needs of each customer, we are able to offer our customers an unbiased recommendation for the best solution for all their tyre and car maintenance needs.



Brand position

“A stress-free life with your vehicle”
We understand that dealing with a car breakdown can be a stressful experience. Our Point S members are always around the corner to alleviate that burden. Our devoted members take the time to understand the issue and each customer’s particular driving habits in order to offer the best solution. We care about an honest relationship with each of our customers, therefore we are very transparent in terms of costs and services needed, before we even start taking care of a car. By putting the needs of our customers first, we guarantee absolute peace of mind.


Stress-free guarantees

Point S promises not to perform any services on your car without providing you prior explanation of the work required and getting your agreement.

  Tyre change within 1 hour
Point S promises to always respect the scheduled appointment times and to replace the tyres in no more than 1 hour.

  Stress-free prices
Point S promises to always deliver a fair price on tyres and car maintenance services. A price guaranteed without any extra or hidden costs!



Brand tagline

In today’s world there is not much room left for intricate and “deep” statements, therefore our tagline is simple, catchy, and most importantly – the truth.

We understand our customers’ needs.
We know our products & services very well.
We highly value price & service transparency.
No worries, no stress.
We take care of all car maintenance issues in the shortest time.


Brand movie

There is one crucial element that unites all our customers, be it everyday or business – the road.

The brand film “The Road” has been produced to show the soul and the heart of Point S, where the customer’s journey is the very reason we exist, that their life with their vehicle is not just to go from point A to point B but also to Point S whenever they need peace of mind and assurance whenever their is an issue with their vehicle.

The film highlights our brand values and accentuates the real importance of the client in everything we do.