Our Retail Concepts

Point S offers attractive and modern retail concepts, which can be adapted to any Point of Sale and business area, (downtowns, hypermarkets or malls, car parks, industrial zones, etc.). Our Point of Sale concept is the key to our corporate identity. To get consistent recognition from our customers, suppliers, and key accounts, all the outlets adhere to branding criteria specified in the Point S international graphic charter and to internationally agreed quality standards.

The adoption of our global corporate identity means that the Point S network members are able to preserve their long-standing local reputation while gaining a nationwide or even worldwide awareness with the Point S trade brand.

The Point S concept in this sense reflects the Point S network philosophy: independent together.

That’s why Point S has had to update its concept to follow the evolution of the market and has therefore decided to create different types of centre to meet client needs and the changes in the market. Point S diversified its offer by adding complementary services, notably where the rapid repair service is concerned.