Our organisation

Discover the unique and rewarding experience of working or partnering with Point S Group—a thriving company where every day brings new and exciting challenges. What are you waiting for? Our partners and employees are the key to our success. That’s why we are committed to providing you, the best we can.

Join us and become the next link in the biggest and fastest growing independent tire and car maintenance dealer chain worldwide.

Our philisophy

Point S is a group that is totally independent.

The success of the Point S business model is the result of our ability to achieve the right balance between the independence of our dealers and their adherence to our common national and international network brand policy.

Despite the international nature of our company, we have always maintained a human dimension based on the following common values that have contributed to our success:
• Entrepreneurial spirit and passion.
• A common and long experience shared by all national Point S managers through our International Committee.
• Close contact with our members – some of whom have been elected and are involved on our boards.
• The culture of the customer focus with the highest standards in terms of quality of service, staff motivation, and training.

Our people

Our experts are trained in new technologies on a regular basis to provide our customers with the best quality service. Our corporate culture is based on innovation, knowledge, integrity and a passion for the trade. Point S also develops activities and services for the agricultural and industrial sectors.

Our members are independent entrepreneurs, which reinforces their respective autonomy while Point S provides them security of a solid structure. Learn more about our network below, and our presence worldwide to discover all the advantages of joining our network.

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