The Point S brand was created in 1971 in France. After conducting a comprehensive study in 4 countries and observing that the general public knew very little about “tyre professionals,” a handful of independent entrepreneurs decided to work together to promote their trade and expertise within the tyre industry. 

The creation of Point S resulted, therefore, from an extremely original initiative, especially for its time. From the beginning, Point S has had a consumer-focused approach, whereas most emerging alliances only strove to centralise purchasing.

In accordance with the founders’ philosophy, INDEPENDENCE from the automotive industry is the cornerstone of the Point S network.

Key dates in the Point S network creation

  • 1969: Some specialist dealers felt that there was a real need to create a brand image for tyre professionals.
  • Early 1970: These few trailblazers, who met at the National Chamber of Tyre Trade in France, set up an advertising committee.
  • Late 1970: After one year’s work, and a study demonstrating that consumers do not really know of the trade, the committee decided to create a network sharing the same trade name and identity in order to make its advertising easier.

After this strategic decision was made, the network was then created in several steps:

  • On October 7 1970, the company’s founding general assembly is held – it was made up of 45 founding members and 7 directors.
  • On October 16 1971, the first members’ meeting took place with 114 members already on board.
  • In 1972, the network chooses “Point S” as a name, brand and trademark.

The Point S brand logo

Originally “Point S” stood for “Point Security” or “Point Service.” The logo, representing two wheels and the letter S, may either evoke a bend or an antique car wing with its front wheel and spare wheel.

In 2004, Point S decided to modernise its corporate visual identity by adopting a new graphic charter and a new logo.


Point S unveils a brand-new omnichannel communication campaign, emphasising the quality and versatility of its private label brand of Point S Tyres.


Point S has bolstered its global presence by adding Spain to its network.


Point S has been recognised by the UK’s foremost professional automotive association, the Institute of the Motor Industry (IMI), as an Approved Training Centre for EV maintenance.


Point S enters the Latin American market with partnership in Brazil and now operates across 5 continents


Point S celebrates its 50th birthday in the Château de Versailles with over 500 of its members coming from all over the world.


Point S launches a vehicle windscreen service under a new concept: Point S Glass


Point S reinforces its presence in Africa (Ivory Coast, Burkina Faso, Ghana & Senegal) and in Eastern Europe (Albania, Ukraine, Moldavia, Macedonia & Kosovo).


1st European consumer promotional campaign: Point S Lucky Days


Point S continues its expansion in Asia with China, Singapore, Hong-Kong


Point S opens a Representative Office in Singapore to coordinate and develop the Point S activities in Asia.


Point S enters Asia with the launch of Point S in Malaysia


Launch of the International brand tagline “No Stress with Point S”


Point S continues its international development in Europe, but also in North Americas and throughout the African continent: UK, Hungary, Norway, USA, Canada, Estonia, Slovenia, South Africa, Sweden, Romania, Slovakia, Morocco, Djibouti, India, Cameroon


Launch of the new Point S corporate identity.


Point S accelerates its expansion throughout Europe: Denmark, Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Russia, Switzerland, Portugal, Belgium, Romania, and Finland.


Point S launches its private label tyre range.


Point S is launched in Luxembourg, Austria, and Belgium.


Point S begins its international development in Germany and Italy.


The Point S Trademark is created in France as a tire dealer association by independent business entrepreneurs. They share the same objective: to promote their status as tire specialists and professionals in the eyes of the consumer.