Our clients

We have two brand manifestos, each with a different purpose:
One for our B2B (Business to Business) target audience (dealers).
One for our B2C (Business to Consumer) target audience (our end-customers).

Keeping independence independent:

  • Independence within a global network and business community.
  • Profitable and sustainable business.
  • Centralised purchasing powers.
  • Marketing and communication support.
  • Sharing of expertise and the implementation of the latest technologies via Point S training programs.

Our mission is to defend the independence of all our members within our network and support their profitability around the world. In order to achieve this goal, we have centralised our purchasing powers and negotiated an attractive procurement policy based on our strong international relations with our suppliers. Furthermore, we have developed a marketing and communication policy to achieve a global media presence and to provide solid sales support. By cross-border sharing of our strong expertise, continuous development of innovative solutions and implementation of the latest technologies within our service offering, we aim to anticipate all future challenges of the automotive industry.

Global stress-free car maintenance:

  • We understand our customers’ needs.
  • All tyre and car maintenance services.
  • Large coverage worldwide.
  • Unbiased recommendations, independent from tyre manufacturers and the automotive industry.
  • Analysis of specific needs and matching with the best solution for those needs.
  • Honest, transparent and stress-free service.

With our full range of tyre and car maintenance services and our large coverage worldwide, we are able to offer our customers a simple solution to get back on the road safely, as fast as possible, no matter where they are. At Point S we take our time to understand the specific needs of our customers. Because of our independence from the automotive industry, we can guarantee an unbiased recommendation and to find the best solution for our customers’ particular driving behaviour and vehicles. Our dedicated Point S members highly value a personal approach and endeavour to satisfy our customers by preventing a stressful experience in the garage. Ensuring an honest, upfront and stress-free service is our members’ highest priority.