Point S Canada moves into Western Canada

22 January 2018
Pneus Ratté Vanier, Québec, Canada

Point S network expansion in Western Canada in 2018 !

Montreal, Canada

Point-S Canada continues its expansion across Canada through a new partnership with the Albertan tire retailer/distributor North Country Tire Distributors Ltd. As a result, North Country is transforming its distribution network in the interest of its members and will also be converting its current retail outlets into Point S points of sale. In so doing, our new partner will avail itself of a wide range of advantages associated with the Point S banner: an international awareness, a large selection of prestigious brands, a private label offering, territory protection, an unequalled marketing force and a customized online transaction site.

“This agreement will allow us to consolidate our presence in Western Canada and offer a stress-free alternative to consumers,” said Bruno Leclair, president and chief executive officer at Point S Canada. “What’s more, all our points of sale are run by experienced entrepreneurs who remain self-managed within the largest network of independent retailers in the world.”

North Country Tire Distributors Ltd. is a widely recognized distributor in Western Canada. This business has the marketing experience, an exceptional offer and service, as well as a vast portfolio of popular brands at competitive prices. “This is a unique partnership for our company,” expressed Cory Davis, president of North Country Tire Distributors Ltd. “As a banner, Point S provides us a large toolbox that can be put to good use by our dealers. They will have access to the many benefits of the brand to differentiate themselves in their communities and to increase both their presence and their sales. At the same time, the arrival of the Point S banner brings new manufacturer relationships adding to our existing strong partnerships. The success of the Point S banner, compounded with our expertise, competitive prices and exceptional service will assuredly create the most attractive platform for a dealer seeking to boost their sales and grow awareness in their area.”

“This new step in our network expansion, in the Western part of Canada, is consecutive to our announcement at the end of last year about our development in Tennessee to penetrate the East part of the US and is so confirming our ambition to become the 3rd independent North American network by the end of 2020” commented Fabien Bouquet-Point S International CEO.

About Point S

With more than 3,600 points of sale in 33 countries, Point S is the largest network of independent tire and auto mechanic service retailers in the world. Point S is also experiencing the highest rate of growth in its sector.

In Canada already more than 200 points of sale have been converted to the Point S banner and CI. Point S offers competitive prices, a wide selection of tire brands and a transparent service that is both rapid and stress-free for the consumer. No stress with Point S !

Point S Press Contact for international:
Muriel Clarke, International Brand Manager, POINT S GROUP Alianco
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