Point S launches its New 4 Seasons2 Tyre

12 June 2019

Point S launch its second generation of all season own-branded tyre: Point S 4 Seasons2!

Point S Development is proud to announce the market launch version 2 of Point S 4 Seasons in Europe.

After identifying a real demand for “all-season” tyres in Europe, the trend is upward among consumers. With constant and strong growth of the tyre market in this direction, and driven by the success of the first Point S 4 Seasons tyre, launched in July 2017, Point S Development wanted to make its tyre evolve.

“We are glad to extend our range with the Point S 4 Season 2 which allows us to continue meeting the needs of the market, while offering end consumers a new and more powerful tyre” explains Emilie Faure, Point S Tyre Product Manager.

Alongside the existing Point S range and the former Point S 4 Seasons, Point S 4 Seasons 2 is designed and manufactured by one of the largest manufacturers in Europe. The development was focused on a new tread pattern design and on improved compounds which ensure increased performances of this tyre on the following parameters:

– Wear: lower wear rate and better mileage

– Aquaplaning: shorter braking distance on wet surfaces

– Cold weather safety: improved performance on snow-covered roads

While maintaining excellent results in terms of rolling resistance and wet road performance. This tyre meets the 3PMSF requirements (winter tyre certification) as well as optimised road holding for summer, which confer it safety and comfort of driving for all seasons.

This Point S 4 Seasons 2 range covers 21 dimensions dedicated to passenger cars. A version for light truck and van is also available with 5 sizes: the Point S 4 Seasons Van. As Summerstar, Winterstar and Winterstar ST, Point S 4 Seasons range is exclusive and only available in the Point S points of sale.

The tyre is officially launched in June 2019 in Europe. The new communication campaign “4 seasons, 1 tyre.” driven by Point S Development is being deployed in all European countries where Point S is present. This campaign is available to Point S retailers to support sales of this product.

About Point S

Created in 1971, Point S is the world’s leader in tyres and car maintenance. With more than 4,350 points of sale, the company is present in 37 countries and employs over 23,000 people. The Group sells over 17 million tyres per year and has a turnover of more than €3 Billion.

Point S Press Contact for international:
Muriel Clarke, International Brand Manager, POINT S GROUP Alianco
muriel.clarke@alianco.ch +33 634 210 273