Point S launches its New Summer Tyre

1 February 2021

Point S Launches its New, Even More Efficient Summer Tyre

Point S, the global tyre and car maintenance specialist, is launching the new version of its summer tyre, which is even more efficient, offering greater safety and longevity. And which, for the occasion, is changing its name. The brand has decided to name its own brand “Point S Tyres” and the range will include “Summer”, “Winter” and “4 Seasons” tyres.

An investment in R&D to guarantee high performance:

The new “Summer” tyre announced by Point S is an even more powerful version than the previous version, the Summerstar 3+, which was already acclaimed by customers for its good handling and its reliability. The result of long research and development work, the new “summer” tyre is now ready for distribution in the European, African and Asian markets.

Performance indicators – Source : Point S

The summer tyre meets precise specifications in accordance with the expectations of European motorists and new technical developments in car fleet markets:

  • More Economical: 7% optimised rolling resistance and 5% more mileage compared to theSummerstar 3+.
  • Safer: the braking distance on wet roads is also better by 3%and the risk of aquaplaning is similarly reduced while there has also been an improvement in braking in dry conditions.

These improvements to the “Point S Tyres” Summer tyre puts it at the cutting edge of technology. Point S fulfills its objective: to guarantee ever more quality, safety, economy and driving comfort for motorists.

These attributes allow the entire range to obtain a rating of “B” in the European 2020/740 label, measuring braking performance on wet roads.

A unique design :

Thanks to close collaboration with a European manufacturer, a unique design has been specially developed for the new “Point S Tyres” Summer tyre. In fact, manufactured exclusively for the Point S network, the tread pattern is unique and benefits from the latest technological advances: a robust tread pattern on the sidewall of the tyre and a modern and organic 3D pattern.

The complete “Point S Tyres” range is manufactured exclusively in Europe and its summer version covers 83 dimensions and fits vehicles ranging from passenger cars to SUVs and from sports cars to commercial vehicles and vans.

Distributed in almost all of the European markets covered by the brand, and also in Africa and certain Asian countries, the “Point S Tyres” Summer tyre is available in nearly 3,000 points of sale.

A private label “umbrella” brand

Motorists knew it as “Summerstar”, but this year the Point S brand private label tyre has changed its name to “Point S Tyres”. This “umbrella” brand has been specially created and brings together all of the brand’s private label tyre ranges: Summer, 4 seasons and Winter.

This new name reaffirms that all ranges belong to the Point S brand.

“We are committed to regularly updating our range of tyres we sell, as much as in our technological offer and in our fleet coverage and we have been doing this for more than 20 years. This new range, developed, tested and manufactured in Europe, meets the growing demand of our customers in the value for money segment. Its performance, in particular with regards to increased safety criteria, allows us to provide the guarantee of our brand and our recognised tyre expertise: “No Stress with Point S”.
This customer promise will also be particularly supported this year by our communication for the 50th anniversary of our brand”, comments Fabien Bouquet, Managing Director of Point S Development.

The launch of this new range of tyres is accompanied by an international communication and advertising campaign: “Point S Tyres, approved by the roads”, highlighting Point S’s desire to provide ever more safety to its customers.

About Point S

Point S celebrates 50 years in 2021!

Created in 1971, Point S is the world leader in tyres and car maintenance. With more than 5 600 Points of Sale, the company is present in 42 countries across the globe and employs over 23 000 people. The Group sells over 18 million tyres per year and has a consolidated retail turnover of more than €3 Billion.

Point S Press Contact for international:
Muriel Clarke, International Brand Manager, POINT S GROUP Alianco
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