Point S transforms its digital presence with new corporate website

26 March 2024

  • Point S has unveiled a brand-new global corporate website
  • The intuitive and bold new site provides a seamless online experience for Point S partners, clients and members
  • “The site isn’t just a portal to our services; it’s a reflection of our journey towards innovation and global influence”, Fabien Bouquet, Point S International

Point S, the world’s largest multi-brand automotive services and tyre sales franchise, has launched a brand-new global corporate website. The launch of the website marks the 53-year anniversary of Point S’s establishment in March 1971.

With a bold and impactful design, the new website mirrors Point S’ stated vision to be the ultimate global benchmark for vehicle maintenance.

Point S has streamlined the website’s structure, placing user convenience and accessibility at the forefront, and epitomising the ‘No stress with Point S’ slogan.

As well as providing an overview of Point S’ rich history, international scale, global business partnerships, and private label offering, the website sets out the brand’s core values, vision, and mission, inviting partners to learn more about what’s at the heart of the organisation. Visitors will have access to a library of updates detailing the network’s recent expansion into new markets and brand-new global partnership

The revamped site also reflects Point S’ growth into a global powerhouse for vehicle maintenance, showcasing the network’s expanded reach and commitment to its partners across international markets.

Point S International CEO, Fabien Bouquet, said: “We have transformed our digital presence with a website that’s as dynamic and forward-looking as our teams all over the world. As a testament to our global expansion, our website now mirrors the diversity and breadth of our international presence.

“The site isn’t just a portal to our services; it’s a reflection of our journey towards innovation and global influence.”

About Point S

Founded in 1971, Point S is the world’s largest independent network of vehicle maintenance specialists. Point S offers a diverse range of premium quality products, services and solutions for vehicle maintenance, boasting 50 years of history and a retail concept that has been implemented on five continents. With 6,233 Points of Sale, the company is present in 51 countries around the world and employs more than 31,700 people.

Website: www.point-s-group.com

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/point-s-group/

POINT S GROUP Press Contact for international:
Muriel Clarke, International Brand Manager, POINT S GROUP, Alianco