Do you own a modern private vehicle or two but lack the skills and/or time to deal with the maintenance on your own?

However digitally savy we may be, there are times when your vehicular issues really need a qualitative relationship with a garage. This is where Point S steps in – our word-of-mouth recommendations and pro-activeness in maintenance reminders go a long way. Our services are simple, quick, and complete. The information flow is easy and same-day repairs are always implemented whenever possible.

Our goal is to provide customers the quick, easy, and thorough service we’re known for. All in the name of safety.

Point S offers a stress-free environment to customers, based on the 3 Point S stress-free promises:

Point S promises not to perform any services on your car without providing you prior explanation of the work required and getting your agreement.

Tyre change within 1 hour
Point S promises to always respect the scheduled appointment times and to replace the tyres in no more than 1 hour.

Stress-free prices
Point S promises to always deliver a fair price on tyres and car maintenance services. A price guaranteed without any extra or hidden costs!

Our clients