Point S accessories

Offering a Point S range of parts and accessories can achieve several objectives.

The tyre is the DNA of Point S. However, in the face of stiff competition, margins are continuously shrinking for these products. It is therefore necessary to launch other offers (products and services) for end-consumers.

Profitability goals

  • Diversify income sources for Point S national Head Quarters.
  • Diversify income sources for Point S members.
  • Increase margin sources for Point S members.
  • Allow Point S members to earn additional and higher profits.

Context: end-consumers are searching more and more for simple solutions and good value-for-money deals.

Marketing goals

  • Make Point S a “one-stop shop” around car maintenance for end-customers.
  • Enlarge services and products offer.
  • Offer consumers an alternative to premium products.
  • Increase Point S customer loyalty.
  • Provide consumers with products with the best value-for-money.
  • Support Point S’s positioning in the automotive services sector.
  • Offer products that meet the growing demand for private label products in the international market.

The current Point S parts and accessories include several types of products. Here is a selection of few of them:



Workshop items

Our private label