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You’ve taken a risk – a risk in owning your own business. Everyday you work through challenges, you serve, you win, and you work hard to grow your business to protect your market and everyone who supports you. You keep your community safe and help them get where they need to go, and back home to their families.

To do this noble work each day, you will need to find a partner providing a circle of support, and that’s what Point S brings to your business. We are a proven partner to help you make a difference, so you can be a relevant partner to your customers, community, employees, and family, who are counting on you everyday.

Strength in indepence
We stand for independence. Our attitude. Our expectations. Our individuality. Brought together by a shared partnership, respect, and warranty.

What matters most
Point S lets you focus on your sales, not on vendors. The success of our co-op comes from creating tyre and service partnerships that help you make more profit. That’s what matters.

Help where you need it
Point S will provide you resources to continue your success. From marketing to IT to the counsel of your fellow owners – we live by the motto “No Stress with Point S”.

Simon Ellis
Managing Director Oakham Tyre Company, UK

We have been a member here at Oakham for around 5 years. It’s been a very positive experience. Point S bring a lot of things to the table including additional rebates on tyres. Great people to deal with.  One of my favourite things is the challenge trip which we try to qualify for each year.  Some memorable experiences.

Yanlai Li
Manager of Point S shop No. 7010, China

Our customers recognize the endorsement of a well-established international brand which brings us more shop traffic and gives our customer service reps more confidence to acquire more customers and serve them well.

Casey and Allyse Lynn
Owners of Point S Parker, USA

We joined Point S Tire & Automotive because they truly prioritize the power of each owner.  The overwhelming support among the ownership group is unparalleled, and it’s evident in how they treat us as members.  Not only do they offer a great financial opportunity, but as a member, I feel connected nationally for support while still maintaining the individual spirit of my store.  It’s a perfect balance of collaboration and independence.

Craig Bruneel
Owner Point S Bruneel, several locations, USA

I’ve seen a lot of changes in our industry and my business over the years. Point S is a great resource for us and has helped me manage through them all.

Benefits like the store-to-store Promise + Warranty is just one example of how we all work together to meet customer demand.

Jason Addison
Managing Director, Addison Tyres LtD, UK

Over the past couple of years, our customers have been coming to us with more and more EVs and hybrids and when I was training to be a mechanic, these were just in the imagination of sci-fi writers! Now they are here, and we have to repair them. Thanks to being part of the group, I have been on certified training courses, and I feel as comfortable repairing an electric car as I do a classic.

Your customers have learned to trust your name on the door. See how a partnership with Point S supports your mission and the power of your name in your market. The Point S team will collaborate in the design of your PoS with you as you’re guided through a store-refresh and co-branding process that anyone will be impressed with, if you need it.

Point S member receives:

  • Top tier buying power and access to Private Label Tyres.
  • As a Co-op Member, you own the Co-op.
  • Training and dealer development.
  • Marketing support.
  • Volume bonuses.
  • Our Co-op and our dealers support one another.
  • Succession planning.
Global network synergies
Marketing support
Turn-key solutions
Private label
Training programs
Buying power

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